Views around the ship
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Wet from a recent shower, the decks darkened and the afternoon took on muted colors as I watched the path of the ship off her stern.

Looking aft on the starboard side from the boat deck,
under the bridge wing.

One of my favorite shots, looking up to the bridge from the forward boat deck on a quiet morning. A sense of peace and solitude under the ship's command was unavoidable.

The globed lights about the ship's stern were especially cooperative subjects. :-)


Him, searching the horizon for ships, whales, whatever! We did think we saw a whale at one point in the crossing but lost sight of the creature after the first glimpse, so we were never quite sure.

One of the many spectacular effects of sun on water, the photo obviously taken from above the bow.


The dramatic combination of sunlight and water was always amazing, if terribly difficult to capture well on film. I got lucky with a few such photos. Any photographer will say, 'think about the light' and this proved very useful.

Our days at sea were mainly spent either at lectures or wandering the decks, really doing nothing. It was incredibly relaxing!

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