Around the Ship...
The public areas, page one.

Midships. A harpist was playing here from time to time.

The Queen's Room. A place for formal afternoon tea, evening entertainment and the Captain's Reception.

Him, at the wonderful new Micron Computer Learning Center... full of powerful Pentium II PCs. This was a fantastic facility.

The Lido, an informal buffet-style dining room. The food was good and there was a LOT to chose from!


The Yacht Club, a great lounge/bar with an excellent live band and dancing. The Hotel Manager's (Mr. David Hamilton) private party was held here complete with champagne, a lot of great food and some beautiful ice sculptures. (thanks, Mr. Hamilton!)

Opposite the Yacht Club were two ships models, and one was of the very first Cunard vessel ever built, in 1840. The Britannia. She weighed just over 1 gross ton (compared to the QE2's 70 gross tons!), her service speed was 9 knots, and she carried 115 passengers.

There were so many places to explore onboard the QE2. I hope we didn't miss any, but we probably did. The Computer Learning Center was one of my favorites. We sent email from the ship to my parents, and received email as well which was printed out and delivered directly to our cabin. The Yacht club was gorgeous and the band was very good. The Lido may look casual but after you are finished filling your plate with all the things you can't resist as you go through the lines, a steward is waiting to take your tray to a table for you and serve your beverages. It's open and airy and although very busy, it was a good spot for some very good food.

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