Arrival; New York.
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Watching NY pass by as the QE2 is guided upriver by tugs Miriam Moran and Margaret Moran.


Up into the dawn sky and sunrise in New York.

The ship is maneuvered into her berth at Pier 90 by tugs, this a starboard view as she is pulled in.

Port side view of the berthing, officers watch from the bridge wing.


Life boats are lowered to the water in a drill once the ship is berthed in NY. All boats on the starboard side (away from the dock) went down.



Flags are raised on arrival in port. This, the British Merchant Marine flag flown on the stern as passengers wait for disembarkation.

The two tugs, Miriam Moran and Margaret Moran, guided the huge ship into the berth at Pier 90 expertly, as if she were a small launch. It was an amazing process to watch as we were slipped in next to the dock. Shortly after the ship was secured, the crew began a life boat drill, lowering all of the starboard side life boats smoothly to the water.

We were instructed to disembark by deck, which once begun went smoothly. Then began our return to reality, starting with the painful task of getting a taxi to JFK, and the flight home. For weeks afterwards, we wished desperately we were still aboard this beautiful, elegant ship, sailing the north Atlantic.

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