Arrival; New York.
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It was still very dark Friday morning as the ship passed beneath the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in NY. Ship/camera movement caused the blur in this image but I liked it just the same.


Passing the Statue of Liberty on the ship's port side. You could almost feel the list as so many passengers gathered at the port rails to watch the lady and her torch go by.

Up the Hudson River, the Manhattan skyline (World Trade Centers above) went slowly by to starboard as the city began to wake in the Friday dawn.

Two passengers watch the sun rise and the sky turning from night-blue to morning-pink.



Passing the old United States Lines docks on the way up river to Pier 90. The SS United States, now dying slowly in Philadelphia, would have berthed here in her hey-day.

Looking down the runway of the USS Intrepid, aircraft carrier docked permanently in NY just down from the QE2 berth.

We arrived in NY very early Friday morning, the 4th of September. We were up on deck by 5:30 to make sure we didn't miss any of the landmarks, but it was still quite dark. The views passing Manhattan were spectacular as the city awoke and began to sparkle with light in the dawn sky. As we slowly moved up the Hudson River we had mixed feelings. The familiar city was lovely from this viewpoint, but the crossing was over. We were not eager to berth.

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