QE2 Tour:

Kitchens and Food Stores

This is the huge roasting oven in the kitchen serving the Princess and Britannia Grills and Caronia restaurants.

Soup cauldrons in the Princess, Britannia Grill and Caronia restaurants' kitchen. The QE2 is famous for her excellent soups.

Part of the small Queen's Grill kitchen. Silver platters are everywhere!

I said, "Smile!" and these great folks working hard in the Queen's Grill kitchen obliged happily. :-)


Food stores was endless! Unfortunately, this refrigerator was locked too! I became firmly addicted to caviar on this crossing!

More storage chambers in the food stores area; this one for connoisseur red wines and more champagne.


I lost count of how many compartments (the size of a large living room!) there were in the food stores area. Many of the cold storage areas were locked. Here were white wines and champagnes.


This was one of our tours of the 'private' areas of the QE2, the kitchens and food stores. There are three main kitchens; one serving the Mauretania, one serving the Queen's Grill, and one serving the Princess, Britannia Grills and Caronia restaurants. Food quality is the same throughout the ship, the restaurants differing in finish, presentation and menu. Ordering off the menu is encouraged in any of the Grill restaurants. From visiting the food stores, I can see why no request for something special is ever a problem!

The wine selection was vast and excellent. We had some very good wines, including a 1985 Chateau Lascombes Grand Cru Margaux; a 1989 Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru; and a luscious Grand Vernay Cote-de-Brouilly to name just a few and Vito, our sommelier, proved very adept at removing labels for my collecting habit. :-)

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