The Gala Buffet
in the Lido

Staff assembling the Gala Buffet main table.

The head of the mighty sea serpent of ice, the centerpiece of the buffet.

The entire length of the ice serpent.

One of the dozens of trays of delicious food.


Whole smoked salmons were everywhere, the hors d'oevres topped with luscious caviar.

Fruit-carved birds, baskets and melons.


A pastry baked into a large anchor scene.

Strawberry and truffle trees.

The Gala Buffet was the midnight buffet of the crossing. Sure there were midnight buffets every other night, but this one was an 'all out' festive event. For hours on the final formal evening of the crossing, the staff worked on setting up this elegant display of food and more than a dozen beautiful ice sculptures. The centerpiece was a 10 foot sea serpent rising out of the main table, his head standing more than 3 feet tall itself! There were ice sculptures in the form of vases that held hundreds of flowers, ice-carved fish, birds and many other 'frozen' life forms. Pastries were baked into magnificent forms such as the anchor above and an ingenious turtle. There were whole smoked salmons on at least six different tables and hors d'oevres topped with caviar. Truffles and fresh strawberries formed solid edible trees. Fruit and melons were carved expertly into birds, baskets and intricate scenes. It was indeed a night to remember.


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