QE2 Tour:

The Control Room.

QE2 Control Room....

...following the picture on the left on around to it's right (note the porthole clock in both photos for a point of reference)

Following the above picture on down it's left side, you see this wall of control, dials and switches, noting the two large monitors on the upper wall for a point of reference to the photo above.

This long, long wall is of banked switches controlling various devices aboard ship. The main control room is to the left of this 'hallway'.


The QE2's high tech control room was one of the most exciting stops on our tour of the 'behind the scenes' areas of the ship. I was simply amazed at the walls and walls of gauges, monitors, controls, switches and 'gizmos' that convert the Bridge's commands to instructions sent to the actual engines for implementation. For example, the Captain on the Bridge sets an 'All Ahead Full' and this electrical impulse comes down to the control room and is 'translated' into instructions that the engines can interpret and then put into action. Definitely something you'd take for granted, but when you see this huge room of dials and controls, you suddenly are taken aback by the technology that makes even this simple command possible.

The ship can be controlled either from the Bridge or directly from the Control Room itself and there is a rather ominous indicator on one of the walls of dials down here that states 'who is in control of the ship'.

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