QE2 Tour:

The Bridge.

The forward section of the bridge, the wheel pod on the left and one of the navigational computers in the extreme foreground.

A bit of a closer view showing the throttles and more navigational controls.

A close up.

The ship's officers' caps: the Captain's is on the right with all the scrambled eggs! :-)


The ship's wheel. Amazingly small, isn't it?

The Captain's chair. Looks comfy. :-)


The rear of the bridge. The wall panels here monitor the water tight doors.

Navigational map, in the aft section of the bridge.


Brian Martin, CSO, and hubby look over the fire detection system panels.

Part of the floor to ceiling panel monitoring fire detection and the fire doors.

Being on the Bridge of an ocean liner is just as exciting as you might imagine. The views were nothing less than 'commanding'. The navigational GPS computers were amazing and yet nostalgically, there are still paper charts and maps! Miniaturization has had a hand in things up here, as the ship's wheel was nothing of the size I expected! It was a wonderful fantasy envisioning myself turning that wheel and seeing the ship respond. But I was very good, and kept my hands to myself! <laughing>

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