The Britannia Grill

The sign, outside the Mauretania restaurant, at the stairs leading down to the haven which is the Britannia Grill.

Looking up from the plush stairway from the Grill.

Some of the gorgeous views from the restaurant.

The second formal night, in the Britannia Grill, during the sorbet course which I believe was Campari and orange and was as always, scrumptious.


Our stewards: Left to Right:
Vito (sommelier), Atanis, Mark, Florian (asst. manager) and Kay. These were a most excellent group of people who absolutely excelled at their jobs. More ravings below. : )

Our Britannia Grill stewards again. In front Mark and Atanis, middle are David (restaurant manager) and Kay, and in back Vito (sommelier) and Florian (asst. manager). Six of the fourteen serving the Britannia Grill restaurant.


And our very own table (119).

The Britannia Grill was an experience I was not prepared for at all. The rituals of dressing properly for dinner each evening and descending those stairs into the Grill was nothing less than magical. Each and every evening (actually at every meal) we were greeted warmly and personally by name by either Florian or David. The setting is beautiful and elegant: silver platters hold fine china, heavy cut crystal stemware sits next to gleaming silver, all dressed with starched white linen napkins. You are seated immediately and graciously. Menus are waiting without delay. Then the task of choosing from the many fine selections on the menu...

...Seven course meals were offered every evening, complete with the finest caviar (with which I find I am completely enamoured), homemade sorbets and excellent soups. If for some incredulous reason nothing strikes your fancy, you are heartily encouraged to request anything at all that you wish. We asked one evening for a beef Wellington, which was presented personally by Florian and carved expertly at our tableside. Nothing was too much to ask, the stewards were all most happy to accomodate our every wish. Vito, our sommelier was incredibly knowledgeable. We were presented at lunch with the evening's menu for review as well. We would arrive for dinner several nights to find a previously requested special wine decanted and waiting for us on our table.

All of our stewards, Kay, Mark, Atanis and Vito were nothing less than absolutely charming and wonderful. Atanis never failed to save me the dark chocolate dipped strawberries from his tray of petit fours or to make sure there was enough Stilton to last through our 20 year old port. We never waited unnecessarily for anything at all. Courses were served promptly, unless of course we were seen to be deep in conversation, and then we were never interrupted. Indeed the stewards' appearances tableside were always perfectly timed, somehow.

We were genuinely treated like royalty. The evening meal was something we looked forward to every day, knowing that the five-star-plus food and the impeccable service would make yet another night to remember.

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