The Br***rd Shell Club, Inc. a non-profit organization which was
established in 1962 and has been in continuous
service since then. For nearly 40 years, the
Br***rd Shell Club has served, entertained,
educated and delighted its members and the
community of Br***rd County, Florida.

We'd be absolutely delighted to add your name to
our membership roster so please don't hesitate to
contact us if you're interested! Also, feel free to use
the resources and information included in this site
to further your knowledge about Conchology and
Malacology, Fossils and Marine Conservation.



Past Presidents

Earl Chester 1962-1963
Herb Burchell 1963-1964
Dik Jones 1964-1965
Jim Ingalls 1965-1966
Ruth Chesler 1966-1967
Lee Robinson 1967-1968
Bill Chapman 1968-1969
Mary Lou Ingalls 1969-1970
Peggy Burggraf 1970-1971
Kirk Anders 1971-1972
Jean Redding 1972-1973
Gary Magnotte 1973-1974
Gary Galbrecht 1974-1975
Mary Palmer 1975-1976
Gary Galbrecht 1976-1977
Mike Cahill 1977-1978
Gene Everson 1978-1979
Richard Sedlak 1979-1980
Bill McGhee 1980-1981
Bill McGhee 1981-1982
Gene Everson 1982-1983
Gene Everson 1983-1984
Ruth Chesler 1984-1985
Jean Andrews 1985-1986
Richard Sedlak 1986-1987
Myrna Feldman 1987-1988
Myrna Feldman 1988-1989
Mike Cahill 1989-1990
Charles Aronson 1990-1991
Charles Aronson 1991-1992
John Chesler 1992-1993
Charles Aronson 1993-1994
Wayne Harland 1994-1995
Carole Marshall 1995-1996
Carole Marshall 1996-1997
Jim VunKannon 1997-1998
Jim VunKannon 1998-1999
Richard Sedlak 1999-2000

Club Activities

AUCTION: Lucky bidders can acquire local and worldwide specimen seashells, non-marine shells, shell related books and other items. The public is invited, so come early for a preview and bring your friends to this annual event.

FIELD TRIPS: Arranged intermittently throughout the year. The Keys, Peanut Island, the Florida west coast, fossil pits, dredge sites - anywhere! Great fun, and the best way for new members to "learn how" from those with more experience.

HOLIDAY PARTY in early December: A fine time to "dress up" and join the gang for dinner. There is great food and members bring gifts to exchange. Add some fun, surprises and holiday cheer, and you have another good get-acquainted opportunity.

PICNIC: For the sheer enjoyment and camaraderie of all members in an outdoor setting which usually includes a shelling location, this free family event is yet one more way to mingle.

SHELL SHOW held the first week of February: This is the highlight of the year and our biggest fundraiser. Notable judges award coveted trophies and ribbons to the best-in-the-category exhibits ranging from marine and land shells, fossils and educational to shellcraft and shell-related items.

The show is open to the public at no charge, and in addition to the exhibits there are door prizes, special raffles, shell dealers to buy specimen shells from, and shellcraft that is produced by the club's own crafters. From "set-up" to "clean-up" we need everyone's help in order to maintain the consistent high quality that makes this an annual success.

Br***rd Shell Club, Inc. Services

BUSYCON / Br***rd SHELL NEWS: The club's monthly newsletter offers information on tides, field trips, programs, features, members, upcoming events and much, much more. Your contributions are welcome and encouraged by the editors.

EDUCATIONAL / PROGRAMS: Are of interest to beginners as well as "seasoned" shellers, and are augmented with lectures and visual aids.

IDENTIFICATION: Have a "puzzle" or "mystery shell" in your hand? Bring it to any meeting and someone can help you identify it. Many of our members are experts and are very happy to be of assistance.

LIBRARY: Seek and you will find everything you always wanted to know about shells but didn't know who to ask! Open at all regular meetings, there is a wide range of publications for you to sign out, take home and enjoy… but don't forget to return it so others can enjoy that book!

SCHOLARSHIP: Tuition towards a semester is awarded to an area college student majoring in marine sciences. The proceeds from many of our fundraisers go towards this worthwhile project.