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The Fine Print (oh come on, read it already).
Here at, Firefox is the prefered browser and I encourage you to experience the web through the eyes of the creative and ingenious folks at mozilla - this ain't your father's Netscape! ;-) You deserve so much more than IE. Trust me. Just click that pretty little icon down there.
For my money, Lunarpages is far and away the best net hosting around, so if you need someplace to put that trick site you've been working on, you can't do better than clicking that little "Lunarpages" graphic below.
And one more thing; for anyone curious what the h*ll "nansaidh" is, it's me. Well, in Scottish Gaelic it is at least, and translates to "Nancy." Gaelic is a really beautiful language, by the way, especially when sung. And as with all things great and small, Wikipedia has lots of info about Scottish Gaelic should you fancy a click in their general direction.


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