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Sept. 13, 1907 - the RMS Lusitania docks in New York City

On her maiden voyage from Great Britain, the Lusitania arrives in New York City in this stunning photograph. On her second voyage, arriving on October 7th, 1907, she makes the crossing in record time, thereby reclaiming the coveted Blue Riband from Germany's Deutschland for the fastest Atlantic crossing. Less than eight years later on May 7, 1915, she will tragically be sunk by the German submarine, the U-20, with a torpedo.

This incredible RMS Lusitania panoramic image by N. W. Penfield from the Library of Congress was typically damaged due to age and handling (please mouseover image for damaged original). A painstaking repair was undertaken to recreate the missing parts of the image and to bring it back to life. The repaired photograph is glorious and is nearly impossible to detect the repair points even under magnification. Although the images had to be significantly reduced in size here, the full print size is nearly three feet in length. Click on the image to load a larger version of the repaired photograph.