1938 Auto Union Type D Grand Prix racer

In the original image (mouseover image for the original photograph), the car was painstakingly selected from the background, effectively eliminating the onlookers and the very distracting surroundings, then 'placed' in a tranquil, mountain setting. Techniques used included magnetic and polygonal lasso, clone tool, matting, layers and masking.

• Grand Prix class race car designed by Ferdinand Porsche.
• Specs: 60° V12 producing 420 bhp at 7,000 rpm (10,000 rpm redline) and in supercharged form, producing 550 bph. Weight 1874 lbs.
• Driven by Tazi Nuvolari and Hans Stuck (following death of Rosemeyer). Hillclimb version had dual rear wheels.
• Light years ahead of its time, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.