Tee shirts, hats, decals, badges, posters, web site elements, logos

TT East 2003 was held in Canandaigua, NY on May 15-19, 2003 for the owners and afficianados of the Audi TT sports car. The official event photo was taken in front of the National War Plane Museum in Canandaigua. Hundreds of owners participated.


TT East 2002 was the largest event of its kind. Over 300 Audi TT owners descended upon Asheville, North Carolina on May 2-5, 2003. The official event photo was taken in front of the magnificent Biltmore Mansion. A total of 111 Audi TT's were in place for this dramatic photograph. More than 300 participants in 137 TT's took part in this wonderful weekend. Organized drives of famous Deal's Gap and a tour of the Biltmore Mansion were part of the itinerary.



TT West 2002 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 24-27, 2002. Organized drives of Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire entertained the many Audi TT owners who attended this event.


The "TT Wimmenz" is a solidarity of the female Audi TT owners in a world-wide TT club. Female car enthusiasts aren't quite as common as male ones, so we needed to "stick together". Every major event (TT East, TT West) sees the TT Wimmenz with a new tee shirt design to celebrate the gathering.



TT Talk® originated as a small bulletin-board type forum of the West Coast Audi TT Club. It is now a large, nonsensical gathering place for the family of Audi TT owners to talk and share their lives until it's time for the next TT East or TT West gathering.


The TT East 2003 web site theme was created around the sketches of TT designer, Freeman Thomas. Some of his design notes were assembled in this "splash screen" and animated to introduce the TT East 2003 web site.