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Missing you

September 15th, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

I miss you so much, Nate.  Every minute is so hollow, echoing with your absence.  You were just a kid, barely a man with no time to make that huge transition from exuberant boy to responsible adult.  I did all I could to help guide you to good choices, when you would listen, which 26 year olds don’t excel at – hell 54 year olds have a hard time with it!  Now my mind gets caught on that not-so-merry go round thinking of you and trying so hard to understand.  Why did you have to be taken from us?  Will I ever know the answer to that omnipresent question?  I still can’t accept this loss.  It is those left behind to suffer on without you who are affected even more than you were, in your fight with that bastard cancer.  I can’t get my brain to the right level where I can say, “oh, I see now…”  I don’t think there is such a place, anyway.  I miss you so much, my little boy in a man’s body with a smile that could light miles of darkness.  My sweet, loving little boy.  Take good care of my heart, wherever you’ve taken it.  I love you always, mom xoxoxo

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